How many times does the bursary open a year?
The Bursary scheme is open for applications twice a year (Spring and Autumn).

My production is in a venue in which the number of seats means that production cannot make a profit, can I still apply?
Stage One is looking to support the commercial theatre producers of tomorrow and as long as we see evidence of your commercial understanding and potential you should still apply.

How does the mentoring scheme work?
If you are awarded a Bursary, Stage One will talk to you about your current strengths and weaknessess and with your input, will match you with an appropriate mentor. Your mentor is then on hand to give advice via meetings, email and over the phone for the duration of your project and/or Bursary period.

When will I hear if I have an interview?
Once the deadline is closed, the team at Stage One read each application thoroughly and aim to get back to all applicants within 3 weeks. The specific dates for each round are detailed above.

Can I apply for retrospective funding?
You can apply for a certain amount of retrospective funding (not exceeding more than 6 months) but this should account for only 25% of the total you are applying for.

I don’t have a rights agreement, can I still apply?
If you don’t have the rights to some or all of your productions Stage One will expect that you have already approached the rights holder and began negotiations. We may ask for evidence of this in the form of a letter or email.

I am a director/writer/actor, can I apply for funding?
Stage One's mission is to develop the careers of producers and not simply to fund productions. We will consider applications from new producers who have also been directors/writers/actors but the bursary must propel your career in producing. We strongly recommend that producers do not direct or act in their own productions.

I don’t have a venue agreed, can I still apply?
We like to see evidence that as a producer you have the skills to develop a project/s to a certain point before coming to Stage One for support. The bursary is there to help and support your ambitions, not to ensure that a project comes to fruition. If you have several in mind we suggest that you submit a budget based on one of these venues.

I have a script, marketing materials, promotional material and/or videos I would like to submit with my application, how do I do this?
If you are selected for interview you may bring additional materials with you to show the panel but please do not submit them in the first instance.

How long will my interview last?
The interview will be around 20 minutes and you will be expected to answer questions about you as a producer and your projects.

If i am invited to interview, when will i hear the result?
The Bursary panel usually make a decision on the day of the interview and you will be informed within 24 hours.