All recipients of Stage One’s support are in unanimous agreement that whilst the financial investment is crucial, it is the industry guidance that Stage One is able to offer that is truly beneficial and unique.

Stage One has a small work force but it relies on an enormous pool of experienced industry professionals that help run our training sessions, mentor the bursary recipients and offer hands-on experience via the producer placements. In this day and age, it is increasingly difficult for anyone to become a producer. The risks and costs rise daily. Therefore, it is absolutely vital that Stage One is able to offer a support network and a huge bank of advice for the next generation to help them avoid the millions of potential pitfalls that lie ahead.

“The Stage One bursary gave me the freedom and support to really hone my craft as a commercial producer. Although I still have a lot to learn, it has given me the confidence to take on new projects, and learn how to go out there and make things happen. Although the financial support has enabled me to not only live and develop 2 productions, the most useful support I have received is that of my mentor Tom Siracusa. Some of his advice has been invaluable. I’m looking forward to the next stage of my career. I produced my first play in January 2013-there is no way I would be producing to this level this quickly if it wasn’t for the support of Stage One. “
- Oliver Taheri (Bursary Recipient 2014)

Stage One is incredibly grateful to the multitude of industry professionals that provide their time and expertise for free. If you are interested in becoming a mentor and supporting the next generation, please contact [email protected]