Trainee Producer - FAQ's

What is the Producer Placement and what is the difference between the schemes?
Both the London and regional schemes are designed to offer a unique opportunity for emerging producers to work in busy West End production offices or leading regional theatres.  Here they will learn the skills required to become commercial theatre producer. The trainee producer takes on the responsibilities of a Production Assistant, but also are provided with hands-on training as a producer.  Their mentor, who will be a senior staff member, will guide the trainee producer through their training and report back to Stage One on their progress.

What experience do I need to have?
We recommend that applicants have at least 1-2 years’ experience in a theatre related role and/or you have produced work in the Fringe or off West-End.

How will I learn the role of a producer?
A Trainee Producer should manage the assigned role within the production office and in-turn the production office will provide mentoring, to a reasonable degree, through the skills and tasks of being a producer. It is the trainee producer’s responsibility to manage their learning, however, Stage One will monitor progress carefully and intervene if an issue arises. The trainee producer will be able to attend additional Stage One development courses and training as part of their placement and all these dates should be communicated to their individual mentors with plenty of notice.
The trainee producer will learn about budgeting, negotiation, SOLT/UKT contracts, West End and regional theatre agreements, casting, touring, marketing, investment & PR. The trainee producer will undertake a range of tasks to support the busy production office, attend meetings and should learn hands-on by being inquisitive and passionate about their development.

Length of Placement, Employment and Salary?
For the London scheme Stage One will initially offer successful applicants a 6 month fixed term contract and they will be employed directly by the production office. After a placement has completed 3 months, Stage One will then assess their progress/development and discuss whether or not the trainee producer would benefit from staying a further 6 months or offered a new contract with another office.
Stage One aim to offer a maximum of 12 months training/placement and there may be a gap between the two fixed-term contracts. Please note that placements are subject to availability and we cannot guarantee 12 months continuous training. The positions are full time, 40 hours per week. Some evening and weekend work will be required.

Mentoring and Evaluation?
Each month the trainee producer must submit a report form to Stage One signed by their mentor to note progress made and where training gaps may need attention. Stage One is a charity and dependent on funding from other trust or foundation bodies and it is essential that any reports asked for are submitted in on time.

When do applications open?
Application open dates will always be announced in our Stage One Newsletter, you can sign up by clicking HERE.

When applying to the Regional placement, can i apply for multiple host venues?
Yes. You can apply for more than one venue if you wish, just make sure you attached your equal opportunity monitoring forms to your application.

For any further advice please see our Resources page.