Application Guidelines
Stage One’s development programmes aim to support aspiring and emerging producers at every stage of their career. It provides training, advice and networking opportunities for producers establishing themselves in the industry.  Each scheme is run and facilitated by active theatre practitioners who can provide up to date and accurate advice on the industry and how to progress.   Every development scheme will require an application form; please see our application guidelines below to assist producers in applying to any of our schemes.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch

Stage One Producer Placements, Workshop and Bursary applications will require you to submit your current CV. Your CV should be no longer than two pages long and should always be submitted as a PDF.

Be selective and concise - Aim to emphasise your overall career path, rather than documenting every single job or project. Rob Young, Head of Technical Training at LAMDA, suggests that a one page CV is appropriate for people starting out in theatre. It is important to explain the skills you gained from each project, rather than a list of roles. 
Professional experience - Include self-employment and freelance work, voluntary activities, funded work and opportunities you've created yourself, such as where you've partnered with other individuals or organisations. Where possible, focus on tangible results to quantify your achievements. For example, practising artist, writer, lecturer and curator Rosalind Davis suggests quantifying how many people came to events, or how much money was raised. You don't need to organise this section chronologically. You can have different sub-headings, organising your work history to reflect different types of activity, such as festivals, community projects and so on. Consider an "Additional experience" section for non-arts work, emphasising any useful crossover skills, experience or achievements.
Education history - If you have little professional experience, you can make your education section more prominent. Keep it brief, spotlighting your most relevant education and training. Add details of practical placements, mentoring or work shadowing.

Producer Placement
This role requires the candidate to have at least 1-2 years’ experience in the theatre industry, ideally as a fringe/small scale producer with an ability to demonstrate a dedication to a career as an commercial theatre producer. In 500 words (max.) you should be able to promote your relevant experience/attributes and explain how this role will facilitate your development as a commercial theatre producer. If the production company/theatre is known you should explain why they would be a good match for you.

New Producers’ Workshop
In 400 words (max.) you should be able explain how you will benefit from attending the New Producers’ Workshop. The experience stated on your CV should be elaborated on here to highlight why and how the Workshop will accelerate your development.

Firstly in your application; we need to know what shows you are currently producing or developing. If you have confirmed venue, licensing, creatives, cast and dates make a note of them in this section. A brief explanation of why you chose the play might also be helpful, as long as you don’t go over the 400 word limit! The experience stated on your CV should be elaborated on within the “enhance your career” question to highlight how the Bursary would benefit your development as a Commercial Theatre Producer. This is also the best way for us to identify where the Bursary award would be spent, so make sure you clarify how the award would be divided up. Lastly, make sure the budget(s) you submit is formatted as a PDF.

Start Up Fund
See Start Up Fund guidelines online.

See Investment guidelines online.

Lastly always remember to proof read your application form (or get a friend to) before you submit, to check for any spelling or grammar mistakes.

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Rehearsal Spaces

If you are a producer in need of an affordable rehearsal space for your production, you can get in contact with Stage One by emailing [email protected] to request an up to date list of rehearsal and office spaces available for hire.

If you have any spaces to add, please email [email protected]