About Stage Two

Stage Two is a series of one or half day sessions focussing on specific subjects to hone the skills of emerging producers. Each session is for a maximum of 15 participants, led by industry professionals, and offers a truly hands-on workshop experience where participants get to analyse and discuss current major commercial productions and issues. Stage Two offers invaluable support to individuals who have already demonstrated they have what it takes but need in-depth assistance at a crucial stage of their career.

Stage Two is for individuals that have good producing experience with commercial projects in the pipeline; they will be able to put Stage Two learning immediately in to practice. Individuals cannot apply for Stage Two training; placement is by invite only and is free of charge.

If you are a recipient of Stage One support and would like to suggest a topic for Stage Two, or indeed if you are a supporter of Stage One and an industry professional and would like to help out by running a session, please contact [email protected]