About Workshops

So you want to be a Producer? An Introduction to Commercial Theatre Producing - Tuesday 14th November

Run by Stage One, this workshop is designed for anyone working within the theatre industry who wants to learn the basics of commercial theatre production. The aim will be to de-mystify the role of the producer; with a particular emphasis on the relationship between the subsidised and commercial theatre sectors.  Including resources and strategy documents the day will provide a thorough level of understanding for the delegates in how commercial theatre production works.   A full resource pack will be supplied and includes an example investment agreement, co-production agreement and production budget.

Stage One is an organisation dedicated to supporting new UK Theatre Producers. It is committed to securing the future of commercial theatre through educational and investment schemes.  Whether you are already working within the industry, an active or aspiring theatre producer, Stage One can help get you onto the first rung of your career ladder, and turn your entrepreneurial ideas and ambitions into reality.

Sessions will include:
Budgeting for a Commercial Production
Raising Investment
Collaborating between the commercial and subsidised sector
Marketing and Publicising your production

During the day there will be time to network with other delegates and the day will conclude with the opportunity to attend the opening night of Sunset Boulevard.

Price:£50 - Workshop
Exclusive offer will be available to delegates for a £15 ticket to attend SUNSET BOULEVARD once booking is complete.
Tickets on sale through Eventbrite, to book click HERE.

New Producers Workshop

The next Stage One three-day workshop will take place on Thursday 12th - Saturday 14th October 2017. The cost will be £425, which includes the cost of all meals and a west end theatre ticket. Applications are now closed for the Autumn Workshop. If you have any questions please contact [email protected] or call 0207 557 6737.

Twice a year Stage One run a three day workshop for New Producers which is generously supported by the Society of London Theatre. The course is designed to give new producers an insight into producing with talks from a range of industry professionals on topics such as; marketing, PR, contracting, budgeting, negotiating, rights, raising funds & looking after investors. To take a look at an example schedule please click here. It is a unique opportunity for new producers to learn the wide range of skills required to produce commercial theatre.

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A selection of feedback from the participants:
“The workshop has hugely beneficial in cementing processes and practices involved in producing that I knew happened but didn’t know why!  Now I feel much more confident to continue my journey in        becoming a commercial theatre producer. Having completed the workshop I was given the opportunity to have more involvement in the investment aspect, which I wouldn't have normally done.”

“The workshop has not only been an incredible learning experience but I now know I have a peer       network within which to grow, coupled with the support of Stage One I feel really excited about my     future”

“I feel it has given me the confidence in my abilities and knowledge as a producer to break the glass  barrier from being a subsidised producer to a commercial producer.”

“The workshops offered up a pool of other producers to communicate and socialise with. This is a great source as often producing can be quite a solitary job and having fellow producers to talk to and ask    advice from is a priceless outcome. Stage One as an organisation has opened doors for me within the theatre industry and helped me create opportunities for myself.”