Edinburgh Fringe 2015

Below you will find full details of our Exclusive Stage One Seminar and our list of "must see" shows that have been produced by Stage One Alumni. As ever we encourage you support your fellow Stage One Producers and see as many of the shows as possible. We also have some advice from Edinburgh regulars James Seabright and David Hutchinson.

We hope you all have a wonderful summer!

With very best wishes,
Joe, Louise and Sophie

You’ve got a show on the Fringe…What’s next?
Stage One are running an exclusive seminar with leading figures from the west end. A unique opportunity for aspiring producers to meet professionals and ask direct questions about the industry.
Confirmed Speakers:
Anthony Alderson (Pleasance Director)
Julian Bird (Chief Executive, SOLT)
Luke Johnson (Entrepreneur, Chairman of Stage One)
James Seabright (Producer, Seabright Productions)
Joseph Smith (Producer)
Emma Brünjes (Producer)
Friday 7th August
12-2.30pm at FRINGE CENTRAL
Tickets are FREE Email louiseg@stageone.uk.com to reserve now!

James Seabright on Edinburgh:
James has twice been the recipient of the Stage One New Producer Bursary (2002 and 2004).

"Edinburgh in August can be such an all-consuming environment that it is easy to lose sight of your key aims in presenting work there. I'd recommend newcomers draw up a list of their 'top 10 goals' for the Fringe before they get up there - and check the list every couple of days to check on how you're progressing, and to prioritise how to work through the list. It is all too easy to get caught up with the short-term aim of filling today's audience or chasing that elusive reviewer, when actually your interests in the longer term may be better served by concentrating on how to generate interest in a future life for the show through getting promoters along to see it, or by checking out other work at the fringe with a view to fostering new collaborations for your next production." James Seabright is producing Shakespeare Untold (the Fringe debut of Shakespeare's Globe) and What Would Spock Do? at this year's Fringe. See the below links for further details. James is also the author of So You Want To Be A Theatre Producer, published by Nick Hern Books, which includes a section on the Edinburgh Fringe.
David Hutchinson on the first season at Momentum Venues:
David is Artistic Director of Sell a Door Theatre Company Ltd, Producer for Hutchinson Rowntree Ltd and International Associate of Brooklyn Youth Company in New York.
David was the recipient of the Stage One New Producers Bursary in 2013 and the Stage One Start Up Fund in 2014.

We are extremely excited to be running St Stephen's Centre as Momentum Venues this summer and to launch our 2015 programme with such a strong group of established companies presenting dynamic and daring productions. Due to the varied performance spaces in this beautiful building, we have been able to curate a programme of shows catered for everyone. St Stephens has offered us the opportunity to create a hub for exciting, quality work in Edinburgh, giving local audiences the opportunity to see shows first, before they go on to secure a further life across the UK and overseas. We are passionate about the shows and creatives involved in making our first season possible, and can’t wait to welcome audiences to Momentum Venues at St Stephen’s this summer.” - David Hutchinson, Venue Programme Manager. To find out further details on Momentum Venues click HERE.

Stage One At Edinburgh

And This Is My Friend Mr Laurel
Produced by KPS Productions & Finishing Touch Company (Bursary 2013 & Workshop 2015 )
From 5-31st August (not 19th) at 12.35pm
Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33 - 0131 556 6550)
"Jeffrey Holland returns in his sell out show about Stan Laurel. A humorous and touching look at a great cinematic partnership."

Produced by Mill Goble - Atomic Force Productions (Apprenticeship 2011)
From 10-23rd August
Sweet Venues (0131 243 3596 )
"A contemporary puppetry adaptation of the Anglo-Saxon epic, told in verse. Sold out run Brighton Fringe 2014."

Bette Midler ...and Me
Produced by Aria Entertainment Ltd (Bursary 2012 )
From 6-31st August at 9.30pm
The Gilded Balloon (Nightclub - 0131 622 6552)
"Sue Kelvin stars as the Divine Miss M, covering songs from her fabulous career, accompanied by Sarah Travis on piano."

Blake Remixed
Produced by Mimi Poskitt - West Yorkshire Playhouse and Little Mighty (Bursary 2014 & Workshop 2013)
From 4-29th August
Underbelly Cowgate (0844 545 8252 )
"World Record-holding beatboxer and acclaimed rapper Testament smashes together UK hip hop with the iconic poetry of William Blake to create his first original theatre show. Blake Remixed fuses music and storytelling with a live DJ and interactive video."

Boris World King
Produced by KPS Productions & Threes Company (Bursary 2013 & Workshop 2015 )
From 5-31st August (not 19th) at 1.45pm
Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33 - 0131 556 6550)
"Britain’s favourite comedy-politician takes a recess from his part-time jobs to present a play about his life at the Fringe."

Down & Out in Paris and London
Produced by New Diorama, PIT, Greenwich Theatre & Pleasance
From 5-31st August
Pleasance 2 (020 7383 9034 )
"Young George Orwell disappears into 1920s Paris underworld, searching for something to write about. A New adaptation of Orwell’s first novel."
Produced by Chrissy Angus
From 5-31st August at 3.30pm
Pleasance Courtyard (Pleasance Below - 0131 556 6550)
"To her colleagues at Insignia Asset Management Lucy is the only person who knows how to clear a paper jam. But in her flat, 24 floors up, she is creating something entirely different: her own personal wilderness."

Impromptu Shakespeare
Produced by KPS Productions & Get Lost & Found (Bursary 2013 & Workshop 2015)
From 7-14th August at 5pm
Freestival, Thistle King James Hotel
"An entirely new Shakespeare play everyday. Join some of the best improvisers on the circuit for 40 minutes of riotous fun." 

Laughing Stock
Produced by Aidan Grounds (Bursary 2014, Workshop 2012 & Regional Apprentice 2015)
From 6-30th August
Underbelly Cowgate (Delhi Belly - 0844 545 8252 )
"The winners of the ‘Audience Choice Award’ at London SketchFest 2015 bring you a sketch show unlike no other. "

Love Birds
Produced by KPS Productions & MusicWorld (UK) Ltd (Bursary 2013 & Workshop 2015)
From 5-31st August (not 19th) at 12.35pm
Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33 - 0131 556 6550)
"Robert J Sherman’s new musical follows a cracker-crazed parrot and harmonising penguins singing, dancing and charming their way into audiences’ hearts."
Lucky Strike
Produced by Anna Haigh Productions (Bursary 2015 & Apprentice 2014)
From 6-30th August (not 18th) at 5pm
Cask Room, Mash House at Just The Tonic (0330 220 1212)
"A vivacious, fast-paced comedy that's full of filth, see 2013 Monologue Slam Winner Meg Traver's debut sketch show. "

Produced by Squint in association with Etch and Pleasance, supported by the Charlie Hartill Special Reserve Fund (Workshop 2015 & Apprentice 2015)
From 5-30th August (not 17th & 24th) at 4.40pm
Pleasance Courtyard (Pleasance Above - 0131 556 6557)
"Molly’s different, but is she a monster? ‘Fringe-Sell-Out’ Squint return with an exhilarating journey through the mind of a sociopath."

Mr Tiger Goes Wild
Produced by Matthew Borgatti (Bursary 2015)
From 5-31st August at 11.10am
Pleasance 2 (020 7383 9034)
"Mr Tiger was perfectly fine in the city - until he had a wonderfully wild idea! Goblin present a show for ages 3+ that's a bit rock'n'roll, adapted from the book by Peter Brown."

Shakespeare Untold
Produced by James Seabright and Shakespeare’s Globe (Bursary 2002 & 2004)
From 5-31st August (not 12th, 19th & 26th)
Pleasance Courtyard (Beyond - 0131 556 6550)
"The stories you know from the characters you don’t. This family-friendly series comes from London's world-renowned venue, Shakespeare’s Globe. " 
The Frida Kahlo of Penge West
Produced by KPS Productions (Bursary 2013 & Workshop 2015)
From 5-31st August (not 19th) at 5.10pm
C Venues (Venue 145 - 0845 260 1222 )
"A riotously funny two-woman play about one woman's struggle to create a one-woman play about Frida Kahlo... with two women. "

The Frontier Trilogy
Produced by Jethro Compton (Bursary 2010 & Workshop 2014)
From 5-31st August
C Nova (0845 260 1234)
"The Frontier Trilogy: an immersive triptych of Westerns from the producer and director of The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance."

The Sunset Five
Produced by Milly Smith (Apprentice 2014)
From 5-31st August
Pleasance Queen Dome
"Faced with losing their beloved watering hole, a pub quiz team stage a casino heist."

The Tale of Tommy O'Quire
Produced by Mill Goble - Atomic Force Productions (Apprenticeship 2011)
From 7-23rd August
Sweet Venues (0131 243 3596 )
"'Tommy hates his life and will do anything he can to get some treasure! A live picture-book for everyone aged 7-107! "
The Titanic Orchestra
Produced by Sarah Stribley in association with Anna Haigh  (both previous Bursary & Apprentice alumni)
From 5-31st August at 5.25pm
Pleasance Courtyard (0131 556 6550)
"John Hannah stars in this madcap comedy of illusion. Four tramps are trapped at an abandoned station until a passing stranger promises to help them perform the world's most astonishing vanishing act."

This Will End Badly
Produced by Anna Haigh Productions (Bursary 2015 & Apprentice 2014)
From 5-31st August (not 18th or 25th)
Pleasance Courtyard (Bunker One - 0131 556 6550)
"Repressed rage; entrenched isolation; compacted bowels. Rob Hayes' new play invites you to stare deep into the dark heart of modern man."
Produced by Leviathan’s Goat with Tara Arts and KPS Productions (Bursary 2013 & Workshop 2015)
From 7-31st August (not 19th) at 9.10pm
Zoo (Venue 124 - 0131 662 6892 )
"A hilarious and poignant story of heroes, confused identity and untimely death, with added rock ‘n’ roll. "

Produced by Hannah Johnson (Workshop 2015)
From 5-31st August at 12.30pm
C Nova (0845 260 1234)
"Valiant recounts thirteen women’s experiences of war. Their stories are chronicled in this fascinating, heartbreaking multi-media docudrama. "
We Can Make You Happy
Produced by Vicky Graham Productions (Bursary 2013)
From 6-31st August (not 12th & 24th) at 4.40pm
Assembly George Square Gardens (0845 260 1222 )
"Multi award-winning duo House of Blakewell want to make you happy. This hilarious cabaret musical will make you feel slightly better about the world. "

What Would Spock Do?
Produced by James Seabright (Bursary 2002 & 2004)
From 5-31st August (not 12th, 19th & 26th)
Gilded Balloon Treviot (Nightclub - 0131 622 6552)
" An uplifting new comedy about a Star Trek super-fan from Jon Brittain, writer and director of the critically acclaimed Margaret Thatcher Queen of Soho . "
Whisky Tango Foxtrot
Produced by Oliver Taheri Productions (Workshop 2013 & Bursary 2014)
From 6-30th August (not 17th) at 4.30pm
Underbelly Cowgate (White Belly - 0844 545 8252 )
"Based on Crookshank’s time in the Royal Air Force. This one woman show is a hilarious and heart-warming adventure. Warning: Contains strong language, weapons and penguins."