Matt received the Stage One Bursary in 2015. Matt has been a programmer for children’s theatre, worked as a venue manager and in press and marketing, most recently for Polka Theatre. In 2013 he established children’s theatre company Goblin.

At the moment you are…
With my children's theatre company Goblin, I’m about to begin a UK tour of Mr Tiger Goes Wild after four mad weeks at the Edinburgh Fringe. I'm also currently deep in preparation for two Christmas shows this year- The Ballad of Rudy at the Royal Exchange in Manchester and Penguin! Elephant! at Chelsea Theatre in London. 

What does Stage One mean to you?
Stage One has given me the confidence to develop as a producer and shown me it’s a sustainable career. It’s sometimes quite scary setting off on your own but it’s great to know there’s this wonderful charity to support and nurture you. It’s opening lots of doors and I’ve met loads of exciting new people through it.

Last show you saw and loved?
A show called Bruce at the Fringe, it’s difficult to describe- it’s from Australian company The Last Great Hunt and it’s a story about a big puppet sponge with eyes (google it to get a better idea). It was incredibly simple (two actors, no set and one sponge) but hilarious, exciting, moving and uplifting. It was a brilliant example of a production thinking outside the box without loosing the audience. It was so inspirational, I ended up seeing it twice!

What do you think, is the best thing about the Theatre Industry?
I think it’s the variety of experience that’s out there. There’s so much on offer, so many tastes catered for and it’s really exciting to be apart of it. I think some of the best and most inventive things are coming out of the children & family genre at the moment - even though it might not always get the attention it deserves.   

What's the best piece of advice you've been given?
In theatre the best advice I’ve been given is “Make your own work”.

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