Q: To Beam or Not to Beam?

A: Unfortunately I’m not here to recruit you on board the Starship Enterprise and meet Sir Patrick Stewart… instead I’m asking how does streaming through broadcasters effect audience participation? In the words of Tracey Childs “Just because you’ve got a postcode of the Mona Lisa, it doesn’t mean you’ve been to Paris” (#Preach) it’s still important for our audiences to witness live theatre.
Whether you’re a producer touring you production of Medea at the same time as NT Live are screening their production or you’ve got a hit production a broadcaster wants to stream worldwide; it’s another factor as a producer you have to take into consideration. When touring you need to be aware that a venue could potentially take a screening over your production if they think they can make more money from it. This is why it’s so vitally important to build long-lasting relationships with venues and be hugely passionate about the material you’re touring.
To summarise “The bottom line is that streaming is a very nice ‘and’, but it should never be an ‘or’” – Sam West.

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