Simon Cummin receives Start Up Fund of £11,250 for Dickens Abridged

Stage One is delighted to announce that we have awarded a Start Up Fund to Simmon Cummin for Dickens Abridged at The Arts Theatre, Wednesday 27th November 2013 - Sunday 5th January 2014

Simon first received a Bursary in 2010 and comments:

“I have gained a lot of experience in commercial producing and received invaluable mentoring and support from Stage One, this has allowed me to confidently grow and nurture my own company to the stage where my first West End show as main producer would be possible. To receive the Start Up fund, governed by a committee of role models and commercial producers at the top of the industry is a great honour.”

From the co-creator of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) - Adam Long, comes DICKENS ABRIDGED - a fast-paced musical comedy. An absurdly talented cast of five bring hundreds of the great author’s best-loved characters to life in 90-minutes of madcap Dickensian mayhem. Dickens Abridged will take you on a hilarious journey through Charlie’s greatest works including David Copperfield, Bleak House, A Tale of Two Cities, Oliver Twist and Nicholas Nickleby.

It also delves into the bizarre-but-true stories from Charles Dickens’ own life, including his complicated romantic entanglements and his inexplicable enthusiasm for performing the bludgeoning scene from Oliver Twist over and over and over again.

Opening in the West End for a limited Christmas season, Dickens Abridged is a love-letter to one of the world’s greatest authors - guaranteed to show you the wonderful world of Dickens as you’ve never seen it before!

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Press Contact: Mark Senior