Start Up Awarded to Phillip Rowntree

Stage One is delighted to announce we have awarded a Start-Up Investment of £37,500 to Phillip Rowntree for the upcoming tour of Footloose with his company Hutchinson Rowntree. The show will be co-produced with Runaway Entertainment. 

Phillip trained at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts and is now Producer for Hutchinson Rowntree Ltd, specialising in Commercial Theatre and Production Accounting.
"Stage One's support has come at an integral point in my career as a Producer.  As an organisation they are there to help developing Producers at whichever point in their career that an important boost is required.  As my vision as a Producer grows in scale, Stage One's financial support and the crucial guidance of an industry mentor has provided me the all important industry contacts, an opportunity to develop my knowledge and the confidence to capitalise on that knowledge.  As the only organisation actively championing Producers I am honoured to be recognised and supported."

Footloose:  Everybody Cut Loose as the explosive Rock n’ Roll musical Footloose bursts onto the stage in 2016.
Based on the 1980’s riveting screen sensation, which took the world by storm with its youthful spirit, dazzling dance and electrifying music.  Footloose tells the story of city boy Ren who has to move to a rural backwater in America where dancing is banned.  All hell breaks out as Ren breaks loose and soon has the whole town up on its feet.
With a dynamic cast, including Gareth Gates and Willard and Maureen Nolan as Vi Moore, this fast-paced show is not only packed full of amazing dance but serves up some classic 80s hits, including Holding Out for a Hero, Almost Paradise, Let’s Hear it for the Boy and of course the unforgettable title track Footloose.
All tour dates are listed at the official website: