Stage One are delighted to announce that we have awarded a Start-Up Investment of £25,000 to Tom O'Connell for his production of Out Of Order.

    Tom commented that:
"I have been involved with Stage One since I was twenty two years old and now, six years later, receiving the Start Up Award investment is a huge honour - I am hugely appreciative of the support I have received at every step of the way.

From working in a production office (Fiery Angel) as an apprentice, winning a Bursary to develop 'Notes on a Scandal' to now receiving the Start Up Award investment towards our biggest production to date 'Out of Order' by ‘the master of farce’ Ray Cooney, plus all the fellow producer support over the years has been overwhelming.

Investors have always been a integral part of my career, and having two prolific investors as shareholders of Tom O’Connell Productions has enabled me to invest in other productions, buy rights to new worldwide brands and deliver some great returns. I am pleased to say Stage One have been one of our many key investors and have helped me build relationships with new investors and producing partners on projects I am developing for the future including 'Out of Order’ and 'Brokeback Mountain'. Our work with LGBT titles will still continue alongside our more mainstream productions and it is thanks to Stage One we are able to produce these high quality productions."