We are delighted to announce that we have recently awarded a Start-Up Investment of £22,000 to John Dalston for a national tour of Return to the Forbidden Planet with co-producer Richard Darbourne (Stage One Beneficiary). Return to the Forbidden Planet will open on the 19th January 2015 in Brighton and closes on the 4th May 2015 in Manchester, touring around the UK with one week at each venue.

    “I am very grateful for the professional and financial support that Stage One start up fund has offered to me.  It’s an incredibly exciting opportunity and impressive that Stage One are supporting career development for those already working in the industry. I’m confident that this should be the first of a series of productions for me.” - John Dalston.

John’s career began in stage and production management and he worked for Bill Kenwright as General Manager from 2001. He has been freelance general managing for the past 7 years.

    John Dalton’s Synopsis of the show: “An amalgam of Shakespeare’s Tempest, the film Forbidden Planet and a cocktail of Rock ‘n’ Roll music, Return to the Forbidden Planet was the brain child and Olivier Award winning creation of Bob Carlton.  As Captain and his crew blast off on a routine survey flight, the passengers are unaware of the terrors on the planet’s surface and the true love that may be found between the captain and the daughter of the strange and banished professor Prospero who’s imagination has created the very world he lives upon.  A combination of a script, happily raided from Shakespeare’s cannon and songs from the great rock ‘n’ roll song leads to a highly entertaining evening and a solution to the question of how you ‘reverse polarity’!!”