The bursary scheme is designed for new producers in the early years of their careers who are trying to establish themselves in the industry and get their initial projects off the ground.  Up until now, the programme has been for emerging producers working on projects in London.  We would like to extend the scheme to support emerging producers with ambitions to produce commercially in the regions/embark on a regional tour.

The Bursary Scheme is unrivalled as a vital source of financial support and industry guidance for talented individuals. New producers can apply for up to £15,000 to help them develop and/or stage a production. In addition, they are coupled with a professional industry mentor. They are also offered free places on all Stage Two sessions (half day industry-led workshops on appropriate issues e.g. budgeting, legalities, marketing, rights, royalty pools, touring).

‘The Stage One bursary was the single most important step towards my becoming a producer. It gave me the confidence to put on a show in the West End. The help, advice and financial support enabled me to take myself seriously as a producer and worked to demystify the whole intimidating process of producing theatre. Having presented a number of productions I was delighted when they asked me to mentor a bursary recipient. It is crucial in the current climate of subsidy cuts that we continue to encourage and support talent to ‘go-it-alone’ in order to ensure that theatre in this country will continue to thrive.’ Matthew Byam Shaw, recipient of Stage One bursary in 2000,

The two placements will be exclusively for emerging producers wanting to create commercial work in the regions or embark on a regional tour. Stage One has a strong network across the UK and will recruit Mentors (established professionals from the commercial sector) as close as possible to the geographical location of chosen candidates. We will also reimburse candidates for travel expenses so that they may attend workshops organised by Stage One.
Stage One are truly grateful for all the Eranda Foundation’s support and help in making the regional apprenticeship such a success. As we approach another point of growth and development, we would like to thank the Eranda Foundation for supporting Stage One and enabling the expansion of our Bursary Scheme.