In autumn 2014 Stage One announced the launch of ONE STAGE, a season of 3 commercial theatre productions, to be produced  by emerging producers, at the St. James Theatre.

Stage One invested in each production and provided support and advice throughout the production process to the producers. However, we have created a model which means that each producer will experience all the challenges and potential risks involved in the theatre producing industry.

Joseph Smith [Chief Executive] said Our plan is to provide an opportunity which further prepares producers for the demands and risks that await them in the West End. While Stage One will make a small financial investment and, of course, make available the advice and expertise of its trustees and advisors, the responsibility for producing the five week run of the play or musical will lie solely with the emerging producers. We’re always impressed by the standard of the individuals who become involved with the various Stage One programmes but, with One Stage, we feel we are creating an authentic and challenging scheme that will test these individuals in all of the multiple skills that a commercial theatre producer has to master.”  

Luke Johnson (Chair) said “It is vital that the entrepreneurial spirit in new producers is nurtured and supported so that the industry continues to thrive.  One Stage will continue the work of Stage One in its support of producers putting on work they believe can be commercially successful”.

The season took place at the St. James Theatre from September through to mid-December 2014.

Stage One also conducted seminars, workshops and networking events focused on the charity’s core work during the One Stage season.