About Start Up

The Start-Up is generously supported by many industry suppliers, agents, businesses and individuals click here to find out more.

The Start-Up Fund is an investment scheme that aims to kick-start the careers of outstanding new commercial theatre producers by awarding them an investment of (up to) £50,000 in their first West End or number one touring production. The scheme aims to help outstanding new producers bridge the gap into the commercial theatre industry and to cultivate the next generation of producers in order to sustain the continued growth of the West End and regional touring. The aim is to invest in approx. four individuals per annum. When the annual funds have been spent, the scheme will be closed for applications until the start of the next cycle.

The Start-Up investment has to be matched with additional investment raised by the new producer, giving them at least £100,000 worth of producer share.  The Start-Up Fund will only be available for West End or Commercial Touring Productions, and recipients will not normally have more than 2 commercial productions to their name.

We only award the Start-Up investment to Stage One alumni - emerging producers who have already attended a Stage One Workshop, been awarded a bursary or have completed an apprenticeship.

The scheme is currently open for applications.

'It is heartening to know that so much is being done to ensure that the lifeblood of theatre continues to flow.'
Alastair Simpson, Kirwin & Simpson