About the Bursary Award

The Stage One bursary award is a unique award in that, unlike other arts funding, we are predominantly focussed on your progression as a producer.

The Award consists of 3 parts:

  • Financial Award of up to £15,000

  • Mentoring from an experience producer or professional

  • Shared office space in central London

How does it work?

Step One: Producers will be awarded up to £15,000 to support themselves and the development of new projects. For example; if you need financial support to commission artists to create work we can support this, we can also support you financially i.e. rent, bills, accountants or legal fees.

Step Two: You will work with the Stage One Team to find an experienced professional to mentor you during the time you are receiving support from Stage One. The mentor will be available for consultation and advice, they will also sign off on your monthly report and invoices to Stage One. Further training through Stage One is also provided free of charge on specific topics relevant to your practice.

Step Three: A shared office space in London is available for periods agreed by Stage One. The office is in a central London location and is generously supported by Shaftesbury PLC.

 “The Bursary has been absolutely invaluable in order for me to have time to produce my first full run of a show.

But what's been even more invaluable is the amazing mentorship I've received from the entire Stage One community.”

Taz Skylar

Bursary Recipient Spring 2019

Maverick Productions